Traveling is My Therapy!


Who loves to travel? Me, me, me! I am sure a great deal of people love to travel but I often times here people putting it off. For when I don’t know because tomorrow is not promised. A lot of people save their money and say I want to travel around the world when I retire. But what happens if something happens before then. I am a firm believer of taking full advantage of now. People always question where I get all this money from to travel. But I must say if you save a little here and a little there where you can save at least enough money for a mini getaway. You can make small lifestyle changes. For example if you never take your lunch to work you can begin by doing that for a month. If you make a few small sacrifices you will be able to reward yourself with something bigger in the end. I feel that traveling helps give you different cultural backgrounds. Even going from one coast to the other it is a very different atmosphere. By getting these exposures you will only be helping yourself. Making yourself open to dealing with new things and learning to accepting people who are different from you. It is also sometimes necessary to just getaway and come back fresh. We have all experienced it we have incredibly to much school work, project after project, final after final, paper after paper you just want to scream. But a nice vacation can serve as therapy. Even in the work world this month you had an incredible overload and you have been working day and night. Picking up and going for a weekend can have you so much more refreshed and ready to work come Monday. Take my advice and live a little! Like I said no point in saving it for tomorrow, when tomorrow is not promised. Prime example school ends for me on Wednesday on Thursday I will be on a plane to Cancun to help forget about the semester. Hasta la vista baby!





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Online Shopping!!! Life Made Simple

When assigned to do anything that’s on the internet for class I decided to incorporate my favorite pastime to the assignment, shopping. Shopping online is, quick, easy and convenient! What better way to shop? The use of the internet has made it possible for you to shop in a virtual store. A prime example of what people think of when they think of online shopping is eBay. EBay is a virtual store where people can sell things and buy things online. You can bid on items or you can go to certain sections where you don’t have to bid but you can just buy it. Another store is, Amazon is a little different in the sense you are not bidding. Often times they have things that you want from books to electronics at a discounted price. But these aren’t they only ways to shop online, now almost any store has an online section. Wherever you may shop you will find it online. From house items at Ikea, to electronics at Best Buy, to clothing stores such as Bebe, Forever 21, and Nordstrom. Often times my little secret is that I will shop online and go to the stores and purchase items. For example when I was shopping for my laptop I went to all the electronics sites and compared prices and the systems that they were offering for that price. Once I made my selection I went into the store so I could physically see what I was purchasing and I made my purchase. I also do that for clothes since I like to try things on and see what it looks like on me. But don’t get me wrong I am a frequent shopper of, I always purchase my class books and my personal books from that site. They have the best deals. So online shopping has made it easy for us to save money and providing us with a convenient way to shop.

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Life After College

College life? When is it time to give it up? You have been attending a school for the last 4 or 5 years and you identify with that intuition. You graduate and now what? How long is it supposed to take you to withdraw the connection? By withdrawing connection I mean hanging out at the institution and the local bars. I ask this question because when I was still in undergrad I used to see people who had graduated years before still attend dance socials and go to the local bars. My first thought was, are you serious what are you doing back here? I can’t wait to get out and these parties are lame anyway. But now that I am a graduate I feel I connect more with my school and the friends that I have made there. There are local bars that I used to frequent when I was a student and now we use them as reunion spots. But when is enough, enough. When are you supposed to just let go and move on to the adult world? My response would be about a year after you graduate. From personal experience I have notice the more I go to the bars the more the crowd changes. Even though my friends and I meet up there, the same place we used to know all the faces is the same place where we barely know faces. So after about the first year I think the only appropriate return would be to go to sporting events. What do you think? Is a year good? Too long? Too Short?

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Do we really need to pick up the phone anymore?

After reading Shannon’s Corner about voicemail and email I wanted to expand on it a little bit. It is true voicemail is dead! But I feel it’s dead not because people don’t have the time or want to leave messages, but because of the new technology. People are just not picking up and calling anymore. Using the phone is the last resort. As an addict to new gadgets I must say I fall into that category and so do my peers. I have a Sidekick from T-Mobile. That has all the internet communication tools wrapped up in one pretty little phone. It has American Online Instant Messaging(AIM), Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, text messaging, and email. With my friend and I the first line of communication is AIM, if that does not work out the next method would be text messaging, if all of those don’t work then we will pick up the phone and call. But it is different with my peers in a professional environment. The first method would be email, then perhaps a phone call if you do not respond to the email. Although now a days many employers are getting hip to instant messaging. My last internship had a form of MSN messenger called Office Communicator. This was a way that you could instant message all of the employees that worked for this company and you could build a buddy list but you could also just look them up if they were not on your list. This shows that even the professional world is straying further and further from using the phone. This also is the case when you are trying to pitch a story. I have very rarely come across a reporter that prefers you call and pitch to them. They all say that they prefer you to send an email of the release and then they will get back to you if they need anything else from you. Even when we go against the wishes of reporters and call the first thing they will ask is “did you send me an email” and if you haven’t the follow up will be “can you just send me an email.” I have heard those two remarks countless amounts of time, to the point where I dread making live phone pitches. I have however found that an email pitch followed by a follow up phone call is a good method. Not only have they read your release but if they haven’t they will go and look for it.

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Say What You Want!


Blogging? Are there rules? No. This has been instilled in us in Garrett Graff’s, Social Media class. After reading Antibloggergirldc’s blog I must say I completely agree. I was really apprehensive when the class began. How am I gonna blog and actually get people to read it. Am I going to do it correctly? How can I blog about class related topics and keep it interesting? But then Garrett told us comforting advice. He said that it takes between 50-100 blogs to learn your blogging voice. Wow I thought. We are only required 16 so I probably will not have my blogging voice by the end of this class. So the best thing for me to do it try my best. I decided to write as if I am talking. This whole class has been an experiment. The largest struggle I have had is taking the time out to blog. I feel like if I had more time in the day I could spend a lot more time perfecting my skills. But since I have a million and one things to do and to blog on top of that is a little hectic. I must say it has gotten a lot easier the more I have done it. I feel like its not like writing papers where you are more worried about the word count, or filling pages. With blogging you say what you have to say and that’s the end. Although we try to reach a certain word count I never find myself struggling to reach it. It just comes more natural. Maybe it is because it isn’t as structured. When you don’t have rules its less intimidating. For example a paper with rules and guidelines may take you more time to plan and execute. A blog in your one words with your own thoughts is a lot more free spirited.

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Hit and Run


After reading The Living is Easy’s class blog I wanted to share a similar incidence that happened to me. The blog discusses how at the start of their vacation they were faced with dealing with a hit and run of their parked rental car. Luckily for them one of the witnesses was a police officer and personally chased the vehicle and took pictures of the vehicle and tags. My experience was a little different in the sense it was in my home town. About 4 days a week I go to a local studio where I partake in aerobics. Since I am a regular of the studio and the neighborhood I often say hello to the guys that stand outside of the barbershop and the receptionist in the studio. So one day I arrive at my usual time, park my car, say hello and walk in. About 5 minutes after I put my mat down, I am sitting waiting for the class to start, I hear a woman come in frantic screaming “does anyone have a green Altima, does anyone have a green Altima?” It took a minute for me to register that that was my car, as soon as I realized it was mine, I said yes and jumped up. The lady said that they had just seen someone hit and run my car. “We have written down the tags and we know the lady she just so happened to also be a regular at my studio and we can help you report it.” I run frantically to my car and luckily there was no damage. I came back in and thanked everyone. Apparently the guys in the barbershop had noticed it too. The lady came back in the next week and asked one of the employees if anyone had seen her hit the car. The lady said yes they had and that she should leave her contact information for me. The next time I came in they had contact information waiting for me if there were any damages. It just showed me how the strangers of my community could work together. Although they are not complete strangers like in the other instance, I don’t know them more than a hello. But they took it upon themselves to come in and ask. The outrage in their voices made me feel secure that they didn’t want anything bad to happen to someone who belonged to the studio and even though the other lady had done wrong, they helped convince her that she should do the right thing.

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Blogging in Iraq


In reading the blogs of soldiers at war, it was actually quite interesting. I know the war is a huge torn debate; this was a different approach to it. In the news often times we hear about peoples opinions from here, how they feel this is a great war and we should continue, or how people feel this is an unnecessary war and we need to end it right now and remove troops. These conflicting views backed by strong opinions as to why are all over the media and completely visible to everyone. What we don’t see on a daily basis is how the soldiers in Iraq who are actually there feel, what it really is like to be over there and what it is going through their minds while they are over there. This was an interesting approach to hear from the soldiers first hand.

What surprised me the most was that when I think of a war ground, I really envision only killings, shootings, bombing, I never really thought about the down time. I definitely wouldn’t have imagined soldiers living with other citizens of the country. In the blog reading Baghdad Burning, the soldier says that they was living among Iraqis while in Syria, and as soon as he moved in this little boy brought over a cake to welcome him. He or she said “I cried that night because for the first time in a long time, so far away from home, I felt the unity that had been stolen from us in 2003.” Although many of the blogs did discuss the tragedies that occur, it was interesting to see all aspects of life over there.

            I always used to wonder why we received so much information about the war when it could leak back to the enemy, and although I understand that they do keep a great deal of information from us, I would still worry. My opinion on bloggers is extremely different. I feel that this is a good thing; it is not hurting anyone, but more so educating. It is extremely interesting to see. Often time’s people talk to war veterans and like to ask about different wars they had been in and the conditions, etc. This is live, they don’t have time to forget stories, and this is during the event. This to many of them can be a form of therapy since writing is a way they can express themselves and release their emotions in a positive way.

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How I Landed in Public Relations

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” that is a common question that we have been asked growing up. My answer to that question when as a kid was a doctor. That was actually my answer all the way until I was a freshman in college. My how things have changed. I am getting my Masters in Public Relations. Throughout college I changed my major several times, I wanted to do physical therapy, then I wanted to do athletic training, and then I wanted to do public health outreach.  The funny thing is the minute after I graduated I began to look for jobs in my field, what I realized was that all the jobs that seemed interesting to me required another concentration or required more experience. I had worked through out high school and college but since I changed my major several times my internships were in other areas. What I understood through this process is that it is best to work backwards. YES, backwards. I feel that you should look at jobs, act as if you are going to apply and see what the requirements are, what you need to do to get a position like that. Based on that you should begin to work towards that, which is exactly what I began to do. I decided to do a full research of possible jobs that I would like to do; I did a 1 year plan, a 5 year plan and a 10 year plan. That would enable me to see what I have to do in each benchmark to reach my overall goal. I wish someone would have told me this a lot earlier.  So I felt I should get this out to the world, although we state what we want to do we should really see how we want to get there, or how we can get there. My favorite was I just love that site!

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Give me an S for Seychelles!!!


The assignment given was to find a blog around the world that begins with your name and check out the country’s blogosphere. Well that was easy. My name begins with an S so I decided to do Seychelles. Seychelles islands are located off of the east coast of Africa that I have always wanted to visit. The population as of 2007 was an estimated 81,895 people. I first came across Seychelles with my cousin; we were doing searches of where to go on vacation and stumbled upon this. We went to this The Banyan Tree and fell in love with the resort. So in love that I want to have my honeymoon there!  From that point on I had been very interested in Seychelles. I guarantee if you go on that sight you will soon all in love too.


            This was the perfect opportunity for me to explore a different side of the island. A side other then just the luxurious resort I would like to stay in. This was a time for me to see what the blogosphere action in Seychelles. In doing my research on Global Voices Online, I found that there wasn’t much activity in the blogosphere. In addition some of the records that showed links to blogs where actually not there when I clicked on the specific dates. But what I did find was that they tended to blog a great deal of other African countries. The blogs raised issues such as migration, economy, the World Cup, territories, military, colonization, homosexuality, slavery, sports, and religion. It was interesting to see that there was no real consistency in blogging. I also found it interesting that they didn’t once mention Seychelles it was all about other countries in Africa or Africa as a whole. I do still want to go there on my honeymoon, isn’t it beautiful J !

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WikiScanner Project: Facebook


Facebook is a social networking site that was created by Mark Zuckerberg, a Harvard student at the time. Facebook launched in 2004 for Harvard students, soon after it expanded to all universities, high schools and it is currently available to anyone 13 years of age and older. Facebook attracted 123.9 million unique visitors in May 2008. Facebook allows users to interact using the wall, photos, and numerous different features.

I am interested to track the edits of Facebook because I am sure there has been much discussion with all the changes Facebook makes. I am using WikiScanner to see these edits.


1. Who and How Often
On the search retrieved on July 3, 2008 from WikiScanner there are 1870 edits for page Facebook. The top 10 edits are created by: 

1. Comcast Cable Communications Holdings Inc (Cambridge, Massachusetts) – 22 edits

2. Thefacebook.Com (Palo Alto, California) – 18 edits

3. Sympatico Hse (Toronto, Ontario) – 16 edits

4. Comcast Cable Communications Holdings Inc (Arlington, Massachusetts) 15 edits

5. Shaw Communications Inc (Burnaby, British Columbia) – 13 edits

6. University Of California Irvine (Irvine, California) – 13edits

7. Road Runner Holdco Llc (Cincinnati, Ohio) – 12 edits

8. Stanford University (Stanford, California) – 12 edits

9. Telus Communications Inc (Vancouver, British Columbia) – 12 edits

10. Brown University (Providence, Rhode Island) – 10 edits.

There were also a large number of Universities that contributed to the edits. One consistent provider that I found was Comcast Cable Communications with approximately 88 users from different states.

 2. What 

Most of the edits made were enhancing the original information such as the history, origin, and the launch date. Another wave of edits was the additions to the actual Facebook such as news feed, different applications, gifts, etc.

Other issues
While most of the edits were enhancing the information provided, some controversial topics were raised on privacy issues, there was also some controversy over the news feed and mini feed.  I found that although the WikiScanner showed changes in the information and privacy issues as being the most frequent edits made, the discussion section on the article showed foreign issues. They discussed issues such as how Facebook should recognize Palestine and rumors of United Arab Emirates banning Facebook. There were issues such as the date and launching of Facebook Chat as well.

What’s not there?

I find it hard to believe that there have been no edits made to this in 2008. With all the additions made daily to Facebook I feel that seven months into the year people should be making edits on Wikipedia. But the WikiScanner did not report of any edits made.

3. When
The majority of the edits were made in 2006 and 2007. A few were made in 2004 and 2005. It was surprising to me because I anticipated a great deal of the changes and or controversy would exist in 2004 because that was the year Facebook launched. I guess there wasn’t any need to because the great deal of changes occurred within the last few years with all the applications and such.

4. Where
According to the IP Addresses found in the WikiScanner the majority of the editors resided in the United States or Canada. There were a few exceptions from places such as Egypt and England. The editors were widely spread within the United States with a great deal of edits from Massachusetts and California.

5. Conclusion
This report helped me see first hand how Wikipedia works. It shows that it is indeed a collaborative effort from people all over the US and even all over the world. I got to see how the changes are made. It was also interesting to see that all the IP Addresses are recorded as well as the edits. So you can pinpoint any changes that have been made. Overall I feel Wikipedia is a great site for accurate information because it is updated frequently and if there is any incorrect information it is corrected. But I do take everything with a grain of salt, after all it is the internet.

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